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Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering |  Advising Directory


We currently have seven schools within the Fulton Schools, and each school has its own advising center.  To help you navigate your way, refer to the list below:

For a full list of Engineering advisors, please click here.

School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering  
ECG 334, 480-965-3028
Biomedical Engineering
Biological Design 
School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering 
Tempe Campus: CTRPT 105, 480-965-3199 
旋风加速器安卓下载安装 PICHO 245, 480-727-3520
Tempe graduate student inquiries:
Polytechnic graduate student inquiries:
Tempe and Polytechnic undergraduate ground campus student inquiries:

Online undergraduate student inquiries:
Online MCS student inquiries: 旋风加速器官方网站
Computer Engineering (Tempe campus)
Computer Science (Tempe campus)
Computer Systems Engineering (Tempe campus)
Engineering Management (Tempe campus and online)
Industrial Engineering (Tempe campus)
Informatics (Tempe campus)
Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Tempe campus)
Software Engineering (Polytechnic campus and online)
School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering 
GWC 209, 480-965-3424
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
School of Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
ECG 202, 480-965-2335 
Aerospace Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization – 480-965-5584
School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
CAVC 437, 480-965-0595
Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering
Construction Engineering
Construction Management and Technology
The Polytechnic School
WANER 240, 480-727-1874 旋风加速器专业版下载安装
Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering
Environmental and Resource Management
Graphic Information Technology
Human Systems Engineering
Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Systems Engineering
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User Experience

Use the online appointment scheduling tool to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Make Your Future Happen Here

Interested in an undergraduate degree? View the 旋风加速器老版本下载_旋风加速器旧版安卓版下载v2.2.1 ...:咖绿茵手游站提供旋风加速器老版本下载 玩游戏的时候是不是最担心的就是网卡,那就快来下载《旋风加速器老版本》完全免费网游加速器,国际性服网游加速器,适用中国手游游戏,国际服及国服手游完全免费加快。免费加快强烈推荐飓旋风加速器老版本,处理手游游戏卡屏、老掉线、没法联接 ... and then contact an undergraduate academic advisor in the degree program that you wish to pursue.

Interested in graduate school? For questions about graduate admission, financial aid, degree and program requirements, please contact the graduate academic advisor in your program of interest.


Petition Guidelines

Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal

Academic Standing

Grade Grievance Appeal Policy

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